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Ok, we know Doom and Doom 2 are really old and unless you have a old machine around, you won't be able to play. But we know that some of you have kept your old machines for just this kind of politically incorrect fun.
If you don't have an old machine, then check out Chocolate Doom.


Do you play Doom from id software?

Here's a WAD file for Doom (158K) and another WAD file for Doom2 (147k) (works with your registered copy of Doom or Doom2, Dos versions) of our store in Zip file along with patch and batch files.  You'll need something in the PKUnZip family to unpack it.  

For those of you who want something a little harder, you might try this WAD, the "Manly" version for Doom2 (146k).  It's just not fair at all.

Help! Monsters invaded our store and you have to clean them out!



We are CLOSING for a while
In the interest of Public Safety
Starting Sunday, March 22nd.

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