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Potiphar, From Vienna Genesis. Upper row, left: Genesis 39 - Potiphar's wife tempts Joseph (although, upon close examination of Potiphar's wife, I not sure there was much temptation.). On the right: Joseph looks back, women of potiphar's household. Lower row: women of Potiphar's household in various occupations, two trees.

This illuminated page is from the book of Proverbs as it appeared in the Gutenburg Bible.
The origianal page is 12" wide by 18.5" high. The text is in Latin.

A page from Shah Namah of the first half of the 14th century.
Gurgsar is lassoed and unhorsed by Isfandiyar.

From The Lives of the Saints, compiled by Simeon Metaphrastes
 during the reign of Emperor Basil II circa 1100.

Lovers in a Moon-lit Retreat. 
An eighteenth-century Garhwal (North India) painting circa 1780.

Anthony in the Desert
from the Book Of Hours circa 1450.

Sunlight & Shadow
Oil on canvas, by Homer Winslow, 1872.


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